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Prompt Project: The Camel's Back

Title: The Camel’s Back
Prompt: Movie, Television, Books: The Usual Suspects
Characters: Ian, Dani & other Push OCs.
Rating: R
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: Suicide, character death.
Author’s Notes: I’ve been waiting to get to this part of Ian’s story but there’s never been the right opportunity to start it until now. This follows the events of Subtext, and is something I always planned to do with Ian. Here starts his journey from Division flunky, to rebel. It does depict suicide so just be aware it might be bad for some people. I plan to do a follow up, after all I’ve got one last prompt to fill for Ian!


“Mr. Dole, Mr. Dole, you can’t go in there!”

The nurse grabbed his arm and tried to stop him, tugging him off course. Ian turned on her in a flash. He roughly shoved her against the wall and snarled, the sound rising from deep in his chest. He was not in the mood to be stopped or bothered.

“Stay out of my way.” He shoved her again, emphasizing that he was not kidding. Her named was Julia. He had seen her more than once when he came to visit his mother. He had even flirted with her a time or two. She looked sorry for him, not afraid. She needed to be afraid.

“Mr. Dole I know this is difficult for you…”

“Shut up,” he said coldly, his fingers digging in hard to her arms.

She gasped with pain and it seemed to sink in that he wasn’t the charming, caring man she had always known him to be.

Now that they had an understanding he let her go and walked to his mother’s room. There was police tape and an evidence seal on the door which he ignored. He knew no matter what the police did in the end they would rule it a suicide. There wasn’t any evidence for him to ruin.

He cut the seal with a pocket knife, used his key to unlock the door and walked into his mother’s single bedroom apartment. The first thing that hit him was her scent, rose water and her psychic essence, everywhere, invading all his senses. The grief hit him next, invisible fingers wrapping around his throat and heart to strangle him. He took a deep breath, almost expecting to hear his mother greet him.

She wasn’t there anymore. The apartment was empty and dead silent. If he heard his mother’s voice, it was just a psychic hallucination. He pushed down the grief and clung to the anger which had gotten him this far. Now was not the time to break down.

“Mr. Dole…” He slammed the door closed on Julia and locked it with a twist of his wrist. It would take a few minutes for her to retrieve the room key from the front desk and to call security to escort him out.

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Prompt Project: Subtext

Title: Subtext
Prompt: Opening Words: "You really piss me off when you do that".
Characters: Ian, Dani.
Rating: PG
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Author’s Notes: This little idea came to me because of this. Ian and Dani at the same party, finally getting the two character in my head a chance to interact with each other and start building that interesting relationship I've hinted at in future fics and had bouncing through my head for awhile. I might have to find a way to keep writing stuff with these two interacting.


“You really piss me off when you do that.”

Ian leaned against the bar with a smirk. The bartender wasn’t even looking at him but he could tell by her body language she was tense, bracing herself for whatever he was going to do. He didn’t have much of a plan. He should have thought of one before facing down a Pusher. He should have a gun at the very least but he had come to this party expecting a good time. Instead he found one of Division’s psychics of interest tending bar. It was either his lucky night or he was going to walk out of here with a major mind fuck. He was willing to find out which one it was.

“I haven’t been doing anything, princess,” he said, his tone charming. He recognized the Pusher from her file. She called herself Dani and only recently had she started to show up in Watcher visions with Nick Gant and Cassie Holmes. There were no signs of her with Kira yet but Ian figured it was only a matter of time.

Still, they couldn’t exactly discuss secret government agencies and fugitive psychics with a crowd of people around. Ian made it look like he was just chatting up the pretty bartender. More than a few guys had done the same. While he mingled with the other guests he had watched her smoothly turn them all down. There had been one blonde guy hanging around earlier that she seemed warm to. He was going to find him later and see what that was about. Once he was done with the Pusher.

“I could though.”

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A Little Pick Me Up - for cushylife

[ooc: continued from here]

His three month streak was ending and damn if Ian wasn't grateful for it. He was getting a little sick and tired of spending his nights alone. What was even better was he hadn't expected to actually pick the doctor up. He had seemed so incredibly straight when Ian had started talking to him that he never imagined his flirting would work. But it had and boy was he excited about it.

The cab dropped them off at his hotel, a nice upper-middle range joint. Ian was privately glad he had put all his guns away before he'd gone out. Otherwise there would be awkward questions which he wanted to avoid. He led the way up to his room, sneaking glances at the other man as he went.

"Make yourself at home," he said as he opened the door to his pretty decent hotel suit. Division footed the bill for all his travel, so he could actually stay in very nice places. Of course, with his PI cover it was his client who was helping on the bill. The lie was so easy now it was like breathing.

He watched Chase as he walked in, making a point to take off his gloves. It would just look weird if he kept them on. "What do you want to drink?"

More Notes on Ian

Notes On Ian:

- Ian is a Sniff, a psychic bloodhound. In technical terms, he’s a psychometric. He can track people or objects over a large distance. If he has something of his target’s to touch, that distance increases and he can track better. When touching an object, he can see images of what the object has seen. He uses various identifiable landmarks to close in on targets.

- His childhood began rather typical. He had a mom, a dad and some brothers and a sister. He was the oldest, the responsible one and his dad's favorite son. It shocked the whole family when one day Mom announced she was a lesbian and running off with her lover. The divorce was kind of rocky but Ian held the kids together. They lived with their dad the majority of the time.

- His introduction to Sniffing came at an early age. His powers kicked in at ten and then his mom taught him how to channel the images, follow the "scent" of objects and to always wear gloves. As a kid he claimed a rare skin condition to explain away the gloves. His mom told him Division was a necessary evil in life and that it was better to help them than to be hunted by them.

- His introduction to guns came from his dad, again at an early age. When he was thirteen his dad started taking him on hunting trips and taught him to shoot. Ian loved it. In the off season he practiced regularly at a gun range, always with a rifle though when he got older he learned how to use handguns too. He entered more than a few shooting competitions and could've gone pro if he wanted.

- Instead, Ian focused on school and family. For all his love of guns, shooting and hunting, he was also an intensive reader. His "skin condition" did ostracize him as a kid, so he just settled in with books instead. He loves a good second hand bookstore and the older a book the better.

- His love of books make him focus his attentions on English studies and he went to Brown for Literature with a minor in Philosophy. By this time he had come up with better excuses for his gloves, usually just claiming his hands were cold. He had also gotten very good at tracking people down through things. He liked to follow books he bought back to their source.

- He was recruited by Division right out of college. A Sniff named Leroy tacked him down and "suggested" he think about a career helping out. Ian remembered all the things his mom told him and how his mom had helped Division a few times and did the practical thing. He joined up.

- At first he was just a Sniff, finding the targets for Movers, Bleeders and Pushers to close in on. And then things went sideways. Ian found himself running for his life from a "rebel" Bleeder and nearly died until a Division Mover saved him. He decided to find a better way, one where he didn't have to get close to the dangerous ones.

- He settled on what he knew, hunting and rifle hunting. So, he got Division to foot the bill for some Army sniper training and then told them to give him a chance on his own. They said no to that, but did agree to try things his way. He tracked down and took out a Mover without the Mover ever knowing Division had closed in. Division was impressed and Ian's been hunting that way ever since.

- Ian has no grand illusions about himself. He knows he's a bad guy. He knows he's a killer and for the most part isn't ashamed. He has killed some really bad psychics who use their powers to take advantage of people. He's also just killed some psychics who Division didn't like. He loves the tracking part of his job, doesn't like the killing but he does it and does it well.

- He has shut down a lot of emotions because of his work. Deep down it bothers him that he chose to become a killer. A lot of the guilt over that but Ian also chose to be practical about it. He has a kill or be killed attitude. He can be an ass, enjoys sarcasm and flirty comments. He's also an incredibly skilled liar, they just roll of his tongue without a hint of guilt.

- His family has no idea what he does for a living, not even his mother. She knows he Sniffs for Division, but she has no idea he also kills for them. His family thinks he's just a busy marketing guy, traveling the world to close deals. Ian likes it this way and knows working for Division is what allows him to visit his family like he does. He tells strangers he's a private investigator with a talent for finding people. He even has fake business cards for it.

- While two of his siblings are married, Ian doesn't really do close relationships. He's had a few, but because of Division he can't tell his lovers the truth. Besides, he doesn't think any of them would like to be with a cold blooded killer. He prefers women but can be swayed to the other side for the right guy. There have been very few right guys.

- If he could, Ian would be teaching English to high school brats. He can't though, so instead he kills people. Still, he's thought about getting certified to teach in Rhode Island, just to see if he can.

- He has a habit of shaking hands without gloves on. He does this to get a brief glimpse into a person, usually finding out only the very simple things and then he puts the gloves on immediately. The handshake always results in a slight twitch of his cheek. Touching people is a complicated thing. During sex, he does take his gloves off, it's just too weird not to, but he keeps his eyes open so he won't get a psychic overload.

- Most of the time, Ian's got a pretty laid back attitude. He has an incredible sense of patience and has no trouble just sitting still for hours on end. It takes a lot to ruffle his feathers or get under his skin. However, if people are lazy or dismissive of the things he loves, literature, books, and especially guns, he can be short tempered and down right rude.

- He loves to smoke, cigarettes or cigars. He does his best to limit the habit though. He needs his lungs in case of an emergency, but damn does he love the taste of all natural tobacco. He also enjoys a good dark ale, strong whiskey and rum and Coke.

- Recently, his acceptance of Division as part of his life has started to fray. Division gave his Mom something to Sniff. Whatever it was, it broke her mind and she's had to give up her business and move into a mental facility. He's very pissed about this, but is keeping it inside because he doesn't want to become a target too. However, he's getting more and more paranoid about Division.

- Ian loves country music and can play guitar. His singing voice is passable and could probably be pretty good if he bothered to take classes on singing but mostly he likes to sing along with his car radio and in the shower. He's pretty big on singing in the shower.

- Ian has a tattoo on his left arm which he got in college. It's a Native American raven, for his love of the classic poem The Raven and his ancestry. His bloodline includes French fur trappers who married Native American women. He actually knows a lot of Native American folk legends.

Character Info: Basic Profile

full name: Ian Gregory Dole
nick name: N/A
age: 39
birth date: September 24th, 1971
occupation: Division Agent
race: White
gender: Male
sexuality: Bi-sexual, preference for women.
relationship status: Single

hair color: Black
eye color: Gray
height: 6’1”
weight 225 lbs
is this accurate with your driver's license/id: Yes
use a fake id: Yes.

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